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Common Issues

Before  submitting your maintenance request,
check this list of common issues

Toilet Clogs

If your toilet becomes clogged, you can typically restore it to working order using a plunger. If you don't own a plunger, visit a local hardware or big box store to purchase one of these tools.

With the plunger in hand, simply press the rubber bottom around the drain hole in the toilet bowl. Ensure you've created a watertight seal and begin to pump the plunger up and down to push anything stuck through the pipe.

Repeat this maneuver until the water in the toilet drains.


Sink/Shower Drains

If your sink or shower isn't draining properly, you can purchase a drain cleaning tool to remove debris from the trap. Please don't use harsh chemicals to clean the drain, as these could damage the pipes.

Watch: How To Clean Bathtub Drain

Watch: How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drain


Plumbing Emergencies

If water is leaking and could cause damage to the property, please shut off the main water valve and contact us immediately. If you cannot get a hold of us and you cannot get the leak to stop, call (306) 960-0082 (if you are calling outside of normal business hours you must leave a voicemail for 24/7 service).

Watch: How To Shut Off Water Main

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